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This is a Word from the Lord about me.
This explains who I am to the Lord

I take great delight in how you enjoy my handy work and how you see me in every green plant and every rose and flower. For I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. As the lily among the thorns, so is my love among the daughters. You my daughter I have wonderful things in store for you. For I never leave my ministers wives out of the vision and calling I have placed within them. For their wives are and important part of the vision and calling. For you will be more than just a housewife. You will be an integral part of the ministry and will do mighty things for me when the time comes. Do not let the enemy say to you: “IT IS TOO MUCH”, or “IT’S TOO HARD”, or say “YOU CAN NOT DO THAT, LOOK AT YOUR SELF”. IT IS NOT YOU that will be doing the work. It will be me that will flow through you to touch the lives of many. I will not put upon you more than what you can bare. For I AM the one who has matured you, and I am the one who will continue to give you the strength to do my will. As you continue to seek after me I will be a sweet fragrance in your life, and as the people smell the sweet fragrance about you they will smell me and know I AM your lord and savior.
From the Rose of Sharon


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