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Darwin’s book “The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection” was published in 1859 and “The Descent of Man..” in 1871. The battle between creation and evolution has been a hot topic ever since.

There are three main “camps” out there: Creationism: (44% public support). God created the universe during 7 consecutive days less than 10,000 years ago; precisely as stated in the Biblical book of Genesis Theistic evolution: (39% support). God used evolution as a mechanism to guide the development of new species. Naturalistic Evolution: (10% support). God is assumed to have played no part in the processes. Evolution was driven by purely natural forces.

Here are some points to ponder: If God did not create the world then the Genesis record is not real. If Genesis is not real how do we know if any of the rest is real. If God did not make man then we are not created in His image and likeness (Gen. 1:26) and we would have no dominion. We would not have any authority! We also could not have the hope of being conformed into perfection. We can not even be saved and believing in a Savior is pointless.

Ever go on a merry-go-round really fast and then stop it suddenly? What happens? Everyone flies off in the same direction that the merry-go-round was going. Evolution teaches that there was a giant mass of energy and matter spinning in space and then BANG out came the planets. Of the planets in our solar system, some spin one way and others the other way. Some moons spin the opposite direction of the planet they rotate around. This alone disproves BIG BANG and proves that there was a designer.

There are a lot of wonderful research tools on the topic. Tons of books. And here are just a few Web sites dedicated to the topic.
The Revolution Against Evolution
Institute for Creation Research

Seven Powerful Evidences Confirming Special Creation

It was once said (and I echo) that this is not just an apologetic issue for Christians. This is THE apologetic issue. Many Christians are confused by all of the debates. Others sadly have a “who cares” attitude about the topic. Please care about this. Please study to be able to defend our God.

God created us. He created the world. He created a salvation plan and sent us a Savior. Think about this. It’s Cool!

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