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9-11 Memorial


What happened the 11th of September was very tragic.  Any of you that lost loved ones in this, I am praying for you.  If you would like to send me a picture of your loved one I will post it on this page.  

Why would God allow this?

Hurting, confused, angry? Send me an Email or prayer request.  I am here to help. 


Silent Night Song tribute to 9/11.  Listen liveRead Lyrics

Click here to download Rise Up.  (A song played at many of the memorial services.)

My Christian Radio station made this song remix 

Speeches and Presentations

 President Bush's speech on 9/20/01

Pictures of people all over the world with us.

Slide show showing the events

Reminder produced after the anniversary so we may never forget. 

Why God would allow 9/11 to occur? 

Many people are hurting, confused, looking for answers.  
May people have asked me why God would allow such an event.  
God is not  a puppet-master. He does not control our every movement. 
He created us to have free will and to make our own choices.  
Since the beginning of time Satan (our real enemy) has used men to his benefit. He had Cain kill Abel right in the book of Genesis for example.  
God does not want a bunch of robots who go about doing what he has programmed them to do. He wants a bunch of children who are obedient and loving by their own choice.  
Because of this, there will be evil things in the world.  
This does not mean that God does not care. God cares very much. He is in the business of correcting our mistakes.  When we mess up he fixes it. He promised in Romans 8:28 that he will work all things out to good for those who love him....   He has opened the hearts of many people because of this.  
Perhaps even your heart was sealed to him and now you are searching.  
He has united this country like never before.  
He has awoken us to the fact that we were vulnerable. Many Christians who used to pray for this country a couple of hours a month are spending hours a day on their knees and we will all reap this reward.   
He is and will continue to work this to good.  


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